Checking in… Hello!


We have been given the rare gift of a long, dry, warm spring this year, which has provided perfect terrain for checking many projects off of the outside list, and very little time for indoor pursuits such as writing. The summer-like weather has come with a cost, of course (more severe than an abandoned blog); it has put us in near-drought status earlier than most are accustomed to. Imagine, wells nearly dry before June roses bloom. Just as things began to feel desperate, two days of steady, gentle rain. The perfect kind of rain that waters deep yet is easy on the soil, not washing seeds from the rows you carefully placed them in. Sweet relief, for now. 

The garden is nearly planted, with only cucurbits awaiting their turn in the ground. They will go in today, then I will look forward to a day or two of resetting the house. Soon. May and June is such a wild ride.


My nest is empty once again as our daughter ventured off into the world of politics and government and making a home of her own, far from the quiet of northeastern Vermont. We have enjoyed our unexpected time together this past year, but now it is time for her to move on and pursue the life she’s envisioned for herself, which seems to include things beyond raising pigs, hauling sap, and digging potatoes. She spent much of this past year exhaustively reading the news each morning. Not just typical news, but that with a scope far beyond the soundbite headlines that find their way into the average person’s purview. Now, as part of her job, she starts her day doing the very same thing: reading the news. Only this time, instead of reporting the highlights to our pup Scout, she reports directly to the Senate. The icing on the professional cake is that she spends another part of her day writing press releases and speeches for the majority and its leaders. Occasionally she’ll send us a link to something she’s written that can be found in the press, or seen on TV. Last weekend we took the longest day trip in history and visited her new place. She has made a warm and charming home for herself, preparing meals in the evening and making sure to relax on the weekend. It’s been a long road for these young adults exiting college at the height of lockdowns and unknowns, I am grateful to see the veil beginning to lift, as healthy, fulfilling lives slowly resume on the other side. 

3 Responses

  1. Represent!! Yay,Emily! Anyone having caught a small glimpse of her over the years here on your blog knew she was destined for great things! Her job sounds a bit like the show I was watching the other night — “Spin City” (only that was press for city hall and the foot-in-the mouth imprudent mayor). Congrats, Emily. And hope it keeps raining all the good things you’re way, Heather!!b 🙂

  2. Just found your blog through Pinterest. How wonderful about your daughter! We need young people to be inspired!